Elite 3 | About the Founder
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About the Founder

Founder/ Mentor Riley Howard III, born and raised in Nashville, TN has an extensive

background in sports and education. He graduated from Tennessee State University with a

Bachelor’s in Human Performance & Sport Science with a concentration in Exercise Science and

a Masters in Sport Management. He is a former Tennessee State University football player and

captain from years 2004-2008. Since 2008 he has trained some of the most elite football players

across the country at the high school, college and professional levels. His training is tailored to

reach the needs of the athletes so they will reach their highest performance possible. Spending

time traveling to give motivational speeches about his life experiences before and after football

to athletes ranging from youth to NFL has also been a way he gives back. He has spent time in

Tennessee State University’s Human Performance and Sport Sciences Department as a Graduate

Assistant with responsibilities for research, BOD POD testing, and assisting with classroom




In 2009 he saw an increase in the need for inner city mentorship and guidance programs

that he benefited from growing up. After noticing a decline in the success and number of after

school sports and tutoring programs, he founded Elite 3 Foundation. Elite 3 is a Nashville based

non-profit that works to support disadvantaged youth by promoting three principles Fitness,

Enrichment, and Achievement. Elite 3 provides guidance of productive citizenship through

service learning, education, college exposure, and lifetime fitness. Howard has also worked as a

Health Coach for Healthways INC from 2011-2014. The knowledge and experience he has

gained as a health coach about the four stages of behavior change has strengthened his ability to

meet the needs of his athletes. He is currently a Director for Family & Children Service

providing social work program to the Nashville community. Riley is married Jeane’ Howard and

they have one son, Riley Howard IV.