Elite 3 | ACT Prep
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ACT Prep

At Elite 3 ACT Prep, we focus not just on tips & strategies but on concepts & topics common to the ACT

test to prepare our student-athletes. We prep our group for understanding of concepts or how to

accurately diagnose a sentence completion or sentence error question. It is our goal to embed test

taking strategies to excel our student-athletes ACT score. Along with tips and strategies, we focus on

exposing commonly asked questions and how to answer those types of questions when presented on

the ACT test. Our Elite 3 ACT Prep course in Nashville includes a comprehensive review of 9th to 12th

grade English, Math, Reading and Science concepts & topics common to the ACT test. The program

begins 5 weeks prior to the anticipated test date.  In 15 hours of instruction, our top 5 weakest skills are

addressed, followed by rigorous practice testing to allow for additional skills review and strategy